Angol Biblia Easy-to-Read Version Authentic Youth Bible Purple


ISBN: 9781860248214
CLC Magyarország
155 x 220 x 37 mm
Súly: 0,855kg
Kötés: Keménytáblás
Oldalszám: 1418
Nyelv: angol


Bolti ár: 5975,00 Ft
Internetes ár: 5377,00 Ft
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Angol Biblia Easy-to-Read Version Authentic Youth Bible Purple

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Simple to understand - Relevant and accurate - contemporary translation

The contemporary language in the ERV translation makes this Bible easy to get into, so that you will get a lot out of it!

Special features:
  • Tackle the Testaments with introductions to both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Size up the Setting and discover the "Who", "When" and "What" of each book.
  • Dig Deeper and explore key passages with the help of 164 "Bible Bits".
  • Probe Passages with more than 275 "Insights" that explain the meaning or context of certtain verses and passages.
  • Study Significant Subjects in the full-colour topical pages and find out what the Bible has to say on important issues.

  • overview of the Bible
  • advice on how to read the Bible
  • key verses for every situation
  • biblical currencies, weights and measurements
  • dictionary of unfamiliar words and phrases
  • maps of the Bible lands.

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A magyar Egyszerű fordítású Biblia (EFO) angol megfelelője fiataloknak!