Daily Fire Devotional


ISBN: 9781629115535
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Daily Fire Devotional

Reinhard Bonnke (Szerző)

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There is no greater challenge, no greater call, no greater personal instruction than to read and take heed God's Word, imprinting it on the pages of your heart and mind. Walking daily in the power of His Word will make a permanent impact on your faith, your emotions, and your destiny. "How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to God's word" (Psalm 119:9).

Daily Fire Devotional is a collection of dynamic devotionals from the powerful writings of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. With its simple, convenient, easy-to-read format, you can take this book anywhere and plunge in at any point, choosing to read specific indexed selections focused on a particular topic or to read it chronologically as your personal daily Bible reading program. Much more than a daily devotional, this book will to give you a passion for lost souls and motivate you to be a soulwinner.

Features a brief, daily motivational message; a Scripture verse for the day; related Bible passages; a "Daily Fire" encouragement to carry you through the day; and a verse plan to help you read through the entire Bible in one year.

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Reinhard Bonnke